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Updated: Jan 8

We have all heard it before. 'I have no idea how to dress!'. Following that are all sorts of internal questions and panic. 'What colors actually look good on me. Am I an Autumn, Winter, Summer, or a total hot mesh of Seasons?' To add on to this piling feeling of complete uncertainty, we have to then navigate how our bodies are changing. What clothes fit best, and what brands do I even look to for complete harmony of wardrobe and well-being.

There are all sorts of color palette formulas out there. But if there was ever a guide to HOW to dress for your color, and what category you fall into, lean into understanding your undertones. (that is your skin tones). You generally can fall into a Warm, Cool, or Neutral.

How we come to discover what one YOU are is simple. Take a cue from this easy map of where you fall. (spoiler alert...Eye Color + Skintone = color palette guide.

Here's where it gets lost in translation. While we might be a 'Warm, Cool, or Neutral' kind of gal, who's to say you can't blend some of those seasons to enhance your personal style. Your body. Your overall expression of who YOU are.

This is one of my favorite parts of styling you. Guiding you to discover just how to use what you have been given, and then explore and discover ways to go above and beyond to express and share your beauty thru wardrobe w/ authenticity.

Our bodies change, or lifestyles ebb and flow. How we look our relationship with the world, ourselves, and yes...even our bodies are in constant evolution. It's inevitable.

We are not meant to stay in stagnation. It's in our human design to continuously evolve, grow, and expand. The same is true for how we dress. What we choose to put on our bodies in all stages of our incredible life.

So to make this short and sweet, my loves....while there are all these theories out there, I encourage you to follow and find your baseline. (Autumn, Neutral, Pear Shape, or Triangle). However, do not hold on to that as your pulse for all that you do. What you wear, how you express your personal style. What FEELS good on your body.

There is beauty in intuition, and OWNIG every decision you make. Let your values lead how you move forward not only in how you live, but how you dress. What light you up!

I love being apart of your style journey. Your style story. You are something magnificent to be celebrated everyday. With every color, shape, and story that is you! X.O. R



With years of experience styling for big brands and an innate fashion sense, Renée Lara Style has become one of the most sought-after personal stylists in Portland and beyond.

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