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Get Out of your Own Head.

I can't tell you how many messages I get from first-time style tribe members and clients about how they don't even feel worthy of upping their 'style game'. That being really stylish is only for those who actually care about fashion. Who know what is on trend, and how to pull it together. Ugghhh.... Stop getting in your own way, my loves!!

I'm here to tell you that you ARE worthy of the simplest joy that come from how Style can serve you each and everyday. Truth is, we all crave to FEEL GOOD. That is not separate from 'looking good'. It is connected, 100%. The biggest misconception here, is that we allow our current culture to define what 'looking good' equals. And I'm here to tell you, from the style expert herself....that looking good is only defined by what you value most. What resonates and fulfills your brilliant cup.

Where I come in, is to simply help you redefine, discover, and find a path to align what style can ultimately mean for you. So if you ever feel like you are getting in your own head about how much you really deserve to dive into this wild ride that is the fashion scene, remember... you are welcome here. Creating your own world of what feels right. Not only for what you put on that bod of yours, but what it can do to instill the greatest action in igniting who you are. From the inside out, and heart to mind. Can't wait to take on this New Year with you!

X.O. R



With years of experience styling for big brands and an innate fashion sense, Renée Lara Style has become one of the most sought-after personal stylists in Portland and beyond.

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