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Updated: Jan 8


Here we are my loves, heading into the brisk Winter Season. Calling us to begin best practices in achieving comfort in all areas of our lives. Dressing cozy by layering up in our favorite sweaters is an obvious first step to welcoming the bone-chilling temperatures. How about ways we practice taking care of ourselves, and those needs that aren’t so visible to everyone else? 

Wardrobe + Wellness  is KEY in how I approach styling women. Caring for our body and how we show up daily is a dance we are always looking to perfect. We might be wearing the most stylish outfit, but how about what’s going on with our health, mind, and the effects external influences have on our overall well-being? In this column, I want to gift you thoughts for self-care practices that transcend dressing well. A love letter of sorts to empower you to prioritize how you can enter this season with ease. Rediscover just what YOU need to give yourself that much needed hug in this moment. Feel rest amongst the chaos, warmth in the coldest of temperatures, and love despite the imperfections that lay in your day-to-day expectations. Time to set your own temperature + tone with every step you take.


One of the first questions I ask when styling women is centered around their personal Routines + Rituals. From how she wakes up, what she wants out of her day, and how to ensure she achieves that desired feeling, look, or outcome without struggle. As women, we have this magnificent independence to create our OWN rituals that nourish us individually. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that innate ability to KNOW what we truly need. Carve out some time to write down what routines are missing in your life right now that you absolutely CRAVE. Pause for a moment there, and get REAL honest with yourself!! What can you let go of that’s not serving you? Where are you heading, and what priorities have shifted? Celebrate the new desires you have for yourself. Lean into those simple everyday rituals that nurture you.  Wardrobe + Wellness rituals that can ultimately ENHANCE how you choose to show up each day. You are worthy of greatness in every capacity that is life. Recreate rituals that allow you to  Step Into Your Greatness , in a style all your own.

Products I love that compliment wellness rituals. ( insert photo 1 here )


Too often, we look outward for acceptance, joy, or approval. It’s this innate desire to fit in with how we are ‘supposed’ to look, feel, or what we should believe in that leads us on a path that is inauthentic to ourselves. Some of the most inspiring individuals I know are those who have learned to seek answers from within, rather than always looking outward. TRUST that you know what’s best for you.  Be the source of truth and light in your own life.  How to get there is up to you my loves. However, I do know that it starts with finding confidence in your own voice. In taking a moment to simply pause and be still. Dig deep, and honor what you believe in. Find beauty in your own light, so that others might be encouraged to do the same. Get that glow, and shine on beautiful one. Simply by being the one and only YOU.

How to literally get that glow? Self-care products I love  ( insert photo 2 here )


Finally, let’s bring it all together. How does all of this self-care talk really connect with our clothes? What defines

in the current state that is our day-to-day living ? Let me just say this to you my incredibly powerful, and beautiful peer… whatever you need to wear each day to breathe life and perhaps a little more joy into your day…JUST WEAR IT! It’s that simple. Sweats one day, your favorite dress the other.  For me personally, my go-to look lately are my finest sweats + fitted black turtleneck, paired with a bold lip color + largest gold hoop in my jewel box. Have you ever noticed when you tune into just what you need that day, follow through with it, then wear it…something just clicks? Your head is held a little higher, and your tasks feel lighter than ever. Just wear ladies, then shine on!

So my dear ones… create your own RITUALS that meet your needs today. Be the source of LIGHT that you trust with all your heart. Lastly, if it’s something that will compliment those rituals + light you up from the inside out…JUST WEAR IT!  You are something to be seen and celebrated. Take care of you this season, and always!

X.O. Renée



With years of experience styling for big brands and an innate fashion sense, Renée Lara Style has become one of the most sought-after personal stylists in Portland and beyond.

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