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Updated: Jan 9

Winter. Is. Here. Especially in the PNW where I wake to look out a window that can be defined as dark hole. Where is the sunshine?!? When it comes to Winter, I often get woes from clients of just how they are supposed to step into a New Year. Renée, 'How am I to realistically step into a 'new year/new style' kind of mindset when I am freezing my a#%! off, and honestly want take a long nap every other hour?' I have a solution. Let's dive into how to lean into what I like to call 'Winter Wardrobe Woes'...

We are wired to take a moment to pause in Winter. To embrace the slow. To wrap our bods with all the cozy practices. That includes what we wear, how we cruise into our day, and create simple pods of rest + reset. What does that mean exactly? Simply put, instead of wanting to reshape your entire wardrobe with brand new pieces, there is no better time to prepare for Spring. Give yourself permission and space to design your own kind of 'hibernation' rituals.

Now, I'm not saying this means to completely abandon your innate ability to move forward and flourish as we are all meant to do. Rather, make room to dream, goal set, and manage who and how you want to showcase the best version of your gifts come Spring. Your very own dress rehearsal of sorts.

If you have the pleasure of enjoying some travel to warmer temps this Winter, embrace your inner Summer Weather style. Travel Packing is one of my favorites during this time of year, as I get to experience worldly feels while I style and outfit you for tropical moments, International adventures, + +.

 If you aren't planning on work or vacay travels, even better! This gives you more time to rev up the engine to ignite the brilliance and beauty that is your gifts come Spring in style. Here's the silver lining for how to build on what can ultimately be your best Winter yet this January/February...

Instead of having the pressure to figure out reinventing your wardrobe, focus on preparing for the infamous Spring Cleaning. Set yourself up for success w/ a pre-cleanse in your wardrobe. Take note of what you are wearing, and what you are not. Let it go!

Whether it is pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard...start writing it down. Map out what you have your hopes and dreams set on for this Spring. What is important to you. What lights you up right now. Where do you want to go? WHO do you want to ultimately show up as. Jotting down or mapping out what success looks + feels like for you holds power. Not only in how you dress, but how you do, lead, inspire, and grow.

My Philosophy in styling has always been rooted in the overall well-being that is YOU. Fashion IS fun, inspiring, and has the ability to bring so much joy and confidence to our day. There is no denying that. However, in order to fully embrace this sense of style...we must not forget our daily practices and routines to better our wellness. For me, everything from how I take care of my skin, how I practice movement + spiritual pause, family and faith, and nurturing what lights me up. ( for me, it's all things 'dressing up' and having fun w/ clothes).

Always wear wellness on your sleeve. From what you wear, to how you live out your daily life.

Let's have some fun with fashion this Winter? Time to find ways to Layer up and create a little more joy while we stay cozy. It doesn't have to be complicated. Focus on these three items in your CLOSET, and get playful with them. Calling all COATS, ACCESSORIES, SHOES. Keep it cozy underneath, while breaking out some of the jackets and accessories that have been waiting for their debut. For a little inspiration, head to my Pinterest page. Stepping up in style this Winter doesn't have to feel complicated. Give yourself the opportunity to give a little wink to Winter by adding in unexpected textures, colors, + +.

Wherever this Winter Season takes you, my hope is that you embrace exactly where you are my loves. All the while embarking on discovering all the new opportunities that await whatever your heart desires. There are no limits on what you can do. Set your site toward where your heart is guiding you. I can't wait to journey this new year with you. In a style that feels right to you!

Be bold. Stay true. Be Cozy, and oh so chíc in all you do.

X.O. R



With years of experience styling for big brands and an innate fashion sense, Renée Lara Style has become one of the most sought-after personal stylists in Portland and beyond.

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