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There are countless ways to describe stylist Renée Lara’s vision, but perhaps the best is personal.


For over 20 years, Renée has cultivated her professional artistry, working for both luxury boutiques and larger retailers such as Adidas and Anthropologie. As a Style Expert, Renée aims to encourage clarity, individuality and a sense of personal renewal.

Renée’s studies began in pre-nursing, then, ultimately, Psychology and Entrepreneurial Business at The University of Portland. Her travels include Asia, Europe and South America. It was in India when Renée worked with Mother Teresa that she witnessed the health benefits of color, scent and texture, which prompted her to study apparel design at the Art Institute of Portland. In her pursuit to bring her experience back to the States through her work, Renée was diagnosed with Lupus. (An Autoimmune disease that rigorously attacks healthy tissues, especially joints and skin).


The challenges she faced first-hand in that year was an integral part of her innate ability to connect wardrobe to wellness. Her Philosophy in outfitting & styling her clients is a powerful art that transcends traditional practices in the styling industry. Renée writes, ‘Wardrobe can be a powerful source in healing doubt, and igniting beauty that is within each of us. Instilling confidence to step into our greatness with authenticity and ease in our daily lives.’

The Art Institute led to her involvement in Portland’s Fashion Incubator and, subsequently, to Portland’s Fashion Week. Being a Personal Stylist for Anthropologie & URBN inc.


Renée was continuously exposed to and inspired by the latest trends, which she mixes with her sharp eye for a classic yet modern feel. Using color, fabrics, patterns and textures, Renée energizes and inspires transformation.

No matter the client or need, she will connect one’s personal style to wardrobe and well-being.

Renée lives in Portland with her husband and two sons.


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