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Updated: Jan 8

Stepping, or racing into 2024? Maybe that’s the real question. While we are closing out another year, it most-definitely is unlike any we have experienced. What was the lesson that this obscure and often exhausting year ultimately brought us? Are we better for it, or just plain worn out?

At the end of every year, I take the week of New Year’s off as a time to reflect and uncover where I have been, and how I choose to move forward. New Year's Resolutions have never been my thing. Making resolutions? Are you kidding me? How about I just take a minute to BREATHE, and reboot. Pay respect to this year my loves. To the lives + lessons that have forced us to take a good look into the mirror. To dive deeper in truly understanding who we are, and what matters most in this lifetime.

Let me share with you how I am choosing to shape my ‘renewal’ of sorts heading into 2024. It’s not just one promise I hope not to break, or a word that is my theme. Rather, it is a eloquent equation you too might find helpful in how you might step into this brand-new year. Just like the shoes we choose to wear that ‘fits’ our style and rhythm, such is the approach to how we enter any new year, new experience, new journey.

The Equation is simple. LOSS + GAIN = VISION

Grab yourself a piece of paper, your favorite journal, or break out your notes on your phone. List all the ‘losses’ in your life from this past year. What have you let go of? What have you said goodbye to? Next, make a list of your ‘gains’. What has entered your life this year? It can be welcomed, or un-welcomed. All of these losses and gains ultimately give more clarity to the ‘vision’ you desire heading into to 2024.

This lightbulb moment is one of the most beautiful things. We can celebrate all our lessons. All the amazing humans and experiences that have touched our lives, and give pause for celebration. Often when I work with women, and how they ‘choose’ to step into their greatness via wardrobe… this ‘equation' of sorts is a part of the process. What is she letting go of? And in doing so, what is she gaining? That in turn gives her power to step into her greatness, her vision, purpose, and mission. Such is that of stepping into 2024.

May you find inspiration in all the possibilities that your losses + gains can flood your gorgeous life with. Hope, perhaps? Drive and purpose? 

Discover renewal of this new year with ease. Renew and breathe fresh life into the style of stepping you wish to take. Whether you leap, run, or simply glide into this month of January, hold tight to your vision.

Wishing you all joy, happiness, and peace in 2024. Renew your Style + Vision with ease my loves. 2024 is your year to step into the greatness that is YOU. I can't wait to be a part of your journey, every stylish step of the way.

Be Well, Dress Well. Step into 2024 with ease.

X.O. Renée



With years of experience styling for big brands and an innate fashion sense, Renée Lara Style has become one of the most sought-after personal stylists in Portland and beyond.

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