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How To: Keep Cool In Your Summer Style

Summer? We love. Sweating? We loathe.

The sunshine season is here, and with it comes the sizzling heat. While we all love basking in those warm rays, staying cool and chic can sometimes feel impossible. Fear not, because I’m here to guide you on how to style yourself to beat the heat while looking effortlessly fabulous. From lightweight fabrics to breezy silhouettes, I’ve got the top five ultimate tips to ensure you keep cool in style.

Enjoying the sunshine!

Stop sweating the small stuff.

Literally. Get a BFF deodorant and carry it with you every place you go. My current go-to is the cleo+coco. Natural Charcoal Deodorant in Grapefruit Bergamot.

Viva la summer dress!

If there's any season to embrace the summer dress, now is your time. No matter your personal style (sporty spice to whimsy and chíc, let the summer dress be for your BFF. Short, mid-length, or maxi. Whatever makes you feel good, wear it!

Embrace those lighter fabrics...NOW.

While Linen is typically everyone's go-to, I find the wrinkles to be a drag sometimes. Find that perfect cotton blend that is lightweight and let's your body BREATHE!

Let your feet feel all the feels.

Who wants to sweat in between those toes!? Let those babies breathe in style. What am I wearing this summer? I've got the Gabbi Pearl sandals on repeat.

Caftans are your best friend.

And let me just say, I plan on retiring in the most beautiful caftan moments from morning till night in my later years. Now's the time to lean into your inner Golden Girl. I love them so much I can't just pick one to share so here are two of my favorites. If you're in the mood to splurge (and trust me, a good caftan is worth it), I am loving this La Vie Style House 60s Lace White Signature Maxi Caftan. Another great option that's a bit more budget-friendly (so you can afford that trip to Europe) is the Anthropologie Floral Eyelet Kaftan.

Shop my summer style picks!


To all the fabulous women I style: whether you’re soaking up the sun on a beach, exploring local gems, or simply enjoying the long, warm days, YOU inspire me every day.

Helping you look and feel your best as you embrace the joys of summer is the greatest honor of all. Seeing you shine brightly during this beautiful season brings me immense joy.

💋 R

PS: Haven't captured your style just yet? I'm here to help. Let's talk.

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