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RENÉE's Quarterly Style Guide: Summer 2024 Edition

One of the absolute highlights of my work is curating my Quarterly Style Guide. For each season, I handpick the must-have items and share them with my Virtual Style BFF Members. Our Summer 2024 edition was overflowing with fabulous finds, and I thought, why not spread the love and share a few of my top picks with everyone?

quarterly style guide Renee lara style

It felt like a brilliant idea. So, each month, I’ll be sharing three standout items from my Quarterly Style Guide. Let's dive in!

1. Uashmama Giulia Glossy Tote Bag


Psst--use my code RENEELARASTYLE for 15% off!

2. Couper Antonia Off White

couper Antonia off white

3. Jennybird The Brow Sunglasses

jenny bird sunglasses

Want more?

Check back in July for three more summer favorites. There's so much more good stuff coming your way. Or, if you want the full list, join my Style Membership Program today.

Sharing my top style picks and helping you feel empowered through fashion is the greatest honor of all. Connecting with so many wonderful women and seeing you shine brightly during this beautiful season brings me immense joy.

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