yes to hats.



when the weather turns to a chill, i immediately get a bit giddy for all the possibilities of layering and accessorizing. time to break out more scarves, jackets, layers upon layers of cozy goodness.  but let's not forget about the HAT. oh the endless possibilities that are out there in fashion. both stylish and sensible, the HAT can instantly turn up your looks volume. not to mention give you the little boost in your step that you didn't quite have until you slipped it on your gorgeous head. 

so while it gets a little colder going into the winter months, don't neglect the one important part of your body that carries with it all your amazing ideas, and abilities to thrive in this life. your head deserves to feel just as stylish and cozy as all the other beautiful parts on your body that you drape clothing upon.

happy hump day babes. xo~ renée

image by| Alexander Neuman