wardrobe cleanse.



heading into a new year, it's never a bad idea to rid of the things that are weighing us down. toxic thinking. unhealthy habits. doubt. fear. past worries. it's quite freeing really. to just say a graceful goodbye to then, and make room for an ambitious hello tomorrow.  your wardrobe is no exception. if we continue to hold on to the ideas in our head or the pieces in our wardrobe that simply do not make sense with who we are today, it's our cue to shed some layers. SIMPLIFY. accentuate the beautiful things that are working for you NOW.  surround yourself with positive influences.  an environment that lifts you up.  people who bring out the most gorgeous side of your beauty. and a closet that welcomes the individual you are now. not then.

honor her. embrace her. accept her. love her.

let's shed some layers and highlight your authentic style. message me at Renee Lara Style. let's get started!

xo~ renee

image by| LeFashion