The best gift you can give yourself...



December is here babes!  And while the dust settles a bit in preparation for a new year ahead...I find that so much joy resides in the simplicity of reflection.  Of what this coming month can truly bring.   Tis' the season for the hustle and bustle of finding the perfect gifts to give others.  The long lists of those you need to show your appreciation.  The letters that need to be posted, and parties that need to be attended to and planned.  In all the memories of past holidays, I have never held tight in memory to the the gifts I was given, or the number of beautiful holiday cards received.  I DO recall the feelings of the holidays.  When I walked into a room with those whom I hadn't seen in oh so long.  The friend who needed that extra tight hug .  The absolute presence of being in the moment.  The joy that comes from forgiveness.  The happiness that lives in your heart because you are simply together.  Now that is a gift I can get behind.

Let yourself FEEL the spirit of December darling babes.  Wrap up the gift of self-love, and give it to you this holiday.  Buy those shoes you've been eyeing for a decade.  Take an extra long shower.  Hug someone a little bit longer.  Smile more.  Take time to just be in the absolute moment of the season.  It's not always what you give in a box that matters to others.  It's what you give from within.  Take care of that heart of yours babes.  Others will benefit from the beauty and light that brilliantly shines from the inside of the one and only incredibly capable you.  xo-renée

Image by | Renée Lara Style

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