Swiftly Shifting

So many exciting things are taking shape right now.  Somehow, it always falls into the changing of a seasons.  How beautiful that transition can be.  We whisk away a season of growth in the PNW for the sweet sweet scent of rays of sunbeams & feelings of all things new.  Let's dance in this season together.  Sharing all the fortunes & delights that are to soon follow.  You have the Will & Way to swing into something so sweet.  There truly is nothing that can stop you.  Go for it.  Follow that light of yours with intention.  There is no need for permission to share your beautiful gifts.  Shed those layers.  Let the sun shine bright onto your ever-so desirable skin & heart.  Surround yourself with all things that fill your space with pure joy.  You deserve it more than ever this Summer.  Follow along on my Events page for upcoming Workshops, Events, Traveling opportunities, and more.  x.o.  Renée

Image By | Morgan Pace Photography

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