style. expression. freedom.

IMG_2603 i received a text from my mother this morning all the way from my hometown, Portland, OR.  it was simple.  it was a quote that read,

‘Fashion is what someone tells you to wear.  Style is about personal expression and freedom.’   ~Gloria Steinem.

what made this text from my mother so meaningful was what she said to me next.  ‘this just really reminded me of you Renée.  what you are all about.  giving those you work with the gift of  finding their own personal style through freedom of expression.’  little does she know the weight of joy that text, and her words brought me this morning.

yes!…this is EXACTLY what it’s all about babes.  fashion is just a vehicle to finding and achieving your personal expression in style.  and now that Spring is on the horizon and layers are gradually slipping away, don’t forget to also shed the opinions and noise from others who are telling you WHAT to wear, think, or feel.  rather, listen to what makes clothing you an extension of who YOU are.  from the inside out.

when you dress for others, you achieve happiness for THEM.  when you dress for you, well…it’s a beautiful thing.  xo~renée

Image by my guy.

Wearing: Prana & Anthropologie