Style Consult w/ Renée

What does a 'Style Consultation' with Renée really look like?  i get asked this from time to time.  And quite simply, it's one of my favorite parts of what i do.  Why?  Because i get to meet you.   Build a relationship with you.  Get rid of all the noise in your head.  And get to the heart of what is really stopping you from pursuing the absolute best version of yourself.

Wardrobe and style are more than clothes babes.  i say this all the time.  It's a vehicle to sharing with others how you feel from the inside outward.  And if we aren't good on the inside, how are we to be anything but on the out.  Personal Style is not only connected to clothing, but our overall well-being.  And the process to ensuring you are nourishing yourself with what that means for you, is where i come in.

Let's connect.  Over coffee, by phone, in the comfort of your own space.  Book your consultation with me today.  It will recharge you.  i promise.  It's your start to achieving whatever goal you might have.  An event, or an entire new phase in life  where you need to redirect how you approach it.  I'm here for you.  And can't wait to meet you!

Book an appointment in the Month of October and get a $25 voucher for your next appointment!  x.o. renée

Featured Publication |  In Style Magazine

Location |  Kens Artisan Bakery