Style & Beauty w/ Renée

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Style and Beauty have always gone deeper than just clothing and looks for me. It has always been at the heart of what @reneelarastyle is really all about. Well-being, Beauty, Gratitude, and Grace.  I’m so excited to share another layer to my business with you.  Health is something i have learned to see as a gift since 1997 when i was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.  While it has brought many challenges, it has also opened so many beautiful doors of opportunity.  It has gifted me with a true understanding of what it means to live a truly meaningful life.  So join me on this journey babes.  Where style and beauty are married. And health is it’s heart.  We all deserve to live a beautiful, healthy life.

In Style and Beauty always. x.o. renée

Image by |  Jenny Ham Studio

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