own your lane.

My message this November is quite simple babes.  I'm feeling quite strongly about it actually.  Especially coming and going so much in my life from place to place.  Because really, that's life.  It's the unexpected ventures we take that often are our greatest gifts.  I'm back in my city.  The one where i came from.  The one i will always belong to.  And yet, there are the other places and people i belong to.  Who belong to me also.  They are embedded in my heart, and won't ever fade.

You can stay in one spot all your life.  Physically.  Emotionally. Spiritually.  Personally.  And that's okay.  If it's okay with you.  Or you can switch lanes, and test out the speeds that work for you.  Because my darlings, not everyone is going to be in your same lane.  At the same time.  They might not even understand the speed you travel.  Perhaps you move too slow.  Or maybe way too fast.  It really doesn't matter.  It's YOUR lane.  Your speed.  Your life.  Your dreams.  Do not waiver.  Never doubt that the road you are on is the one you should ultimately be traveling.  As long as you are listening to your heart (Which also happens to be your gut), you have arrived at the point in your journey that is exactly where you NEED to be.

So... Let your lane guide you.  Let your heart listen.  And your hands stay steadfast on that wheel.  For they will lead you to exactly where your life is intended. >>> The the ultimate next highway that is your life.  Celebrate all the lane changes.  It makes you the most amazing work of art.  Share what you learn.  Be patient with those who want to keep on the straight and narrow.  And empathetic to all who have had to switch directions more times than perhaps they deserved.  Truth is, we are all on the same Freeway.  It's called LIFE.  And we are all trying to find our way.   As long as we decide to honor our own vehicle, and those who pass us or who might be way behind us, we can accomplish anything we set our gears to.  It's our greatest discovery, this beautiful life that is ours.  Give thanks and keep driving babes.  The road is yours to take.   x.o. renée

Image by |  Tamara Young

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