renee (1 of 1)-11 i have always been obsessed with the senses. how you see the world visually. how you can truly breathe its life in. through color. design. shape. smell. how incredibly inspiring and necessary our senses are to everyday living. they fuel us with ideas. they inspire. they allow us to find commonality with one another when we might feel worlds apart. they provide us with memories and lessons.

life certainly is beautiful when your senses are awake and alive.

i was 4, in my PreK classroom in Portland, OR.  our teacher guided all us children to sit in our usual circle for sharing time. we were then asked a question based on that week's lesson plan. this week it was all about senses.  what was our favorite smell?  most children  answered the obvious. (cookies, cake, candy, etc.)

the teacher then turned to me...

'renée, what is your favorite smell?' she asked.  I simply said, 'my mommy.'

there are still so many people in my life whose smell feels like home. i now feel that warmth i found with my own mother through my beautiful young boys. their sweet little fingers. their rambunctious spirit. their embrace. their smell.

and then there are those products that tug at your heart with a drop of its genius. the stroke of your favorite lotion on your skin. the feeling of a favorite dress draping over your body. a blanket that is so soft it could melt in your lap and wash away any feeling of unrest. whatever it may be, embrace how it makes you feel beautiful. how it allows life to breathe its precious senses through your story. because all of these little feelings and senses are what makes living, simply GRAND.


Image by  Jenny Ham Photography

Product featured  Zoet Bathlatier