Wardrobe Evolution.

Lately, I have had many conversations with clients & peers about feeling STUCK in wherever they might be, in the season at hand.  Feeling stagnant happens.  In our Wardrobe, Relationships, how we show up everyday.  This is nature my loves, and our cue to make a shift.  How we pivot and make our next move to overcoming this place of steady is where true creativity is born.  Let's be clear...there is nothing wrong with cherishing peace in the present.  In fact, this is something I continuously work on and encourage others to strive practicing everyday.  Once we accomplish the next big thing, or check the few boxes off our to-do list, that doesn't mean we have to then look for what's next.  Yes?!  Finding joy in your life NOW is a gift.  Sit there for a bit.  Rest in that moment.  Listen to it's lessons, and celebrate it.

And then there are those puzzles in our lives we are itching to piece together...  When you feel in your gut that something is right around the corner, and you know you need to take action.  You're just not sure how or when you'll ever get there.  Ugghhhhh!!!!  ( sound familiar? )  In my work, I find wardrobe is a metaphor for so much more.  A process I love to overcome with my clients.  We are forced to look at where we have been,  what is currently happening in front of our space,  and a blazing desire to define where we wish to go next.  A process I feel we all go through in various stages in our lives as women.

Find your vehicle in working through that place of pause.  How can you piece together and define next steps to bringing you closer to the person you feel you are meant to be?  For me it's prayer, mediation, silencing the voices, and simply listen.  Find ways to be creative outside of your day-to-day work.  Draw, paint, mood board make, journal, smile at strangers, go for a small walk, pay someone a compliment.   All ways to propel energy into your next move.  Your next Chapter.

I love working with you to accomplish that vision you have for the woman you desire to be NOW.   We are meant to grow, evolve, and always seek more joy in this creative world that is ours.   Wardrobe is my way of sparking your flame to seeing the possibilities that await you when you let go of your past, celebrate your present, and move forward toward the future that is yours and yours only!  How incredible is that!?  No one can replicate your path.  Your style.  Your authentic spirit.   I'm all in with you on this journey loves.

Book your next service with me today.  Let's get going!  x.o. R