Personal Styling with Renée.

Been taking a leap back into some very familiar places lately.  And i'm telling you, it feels good.  This familiar feeling that permeates my current everyday.  There's something to be said about stretching your wings.  Putting yourself in challenging places and spaces.  Only to land right back where your heart feels most at home.   Yet, those feet are grounded much differently than before.  Yes?  It's called Life.  Experience.  Loss.  Gain.  Ventures that succeed.  And those that need a gentle boot.  They all bring us back to exactly WHERE we need to land.  To that familiar place that draws our hearts to.  HOME.

When i started my business several years ago, there was this one underlying philosophy to all the work i would do.  It was simply to make any person i work with (mostly HER ), feeling beautiful after leaving me.  Maybe it was a simple conversation we exchanged.  The way she saw herself again.  The search for the perfect dress.  How we pulled whatever IT was together, so that when she walked into that room she felt more like HERSELF than she had ever imagined she could.  THAT is it.  That is why and where Renée Lara Style was born.  And why i am so excited to be back to familiar clients,  a growing and prosperous city of venturing entrepreneurs and creative spirits alike.

Personal Style is more than just clothes babes.  It's about finding your voice and yourself in the most unexpected ways.  There is so much joy in doing my work simply because i get to see HER feel something that perhaps others try to squash.  Her BEAUTY.  Her simple and powerful beauty.  Because we all have it in us.  Sometimes it just takes one simple moment to turn that light switch on.  To see ourselves that way we deserve to be seen by all.  And that is where i find my absolute joy.  In watching this discovery when working with HER.

I'm back at it babes.  Taking on new clients.  Familiar and new.  Exploring new ventures.  And enjoying this beautiful ride of getting fully back into what has always been my love.  My passion.  My purpose.

Come join me.  Book an appointment.  Let's dig into finding that moment where you feel exactly the thing you already are.


x.o. renée

Image by |  Renée Lara Style

Locations featured |  Portland, OR & Philadelphia, PA