Pausing for Autumn



Hello beautiful season.  A time of  transition.  A place where layers are shed, and colors are changing.  When letting go never felt so good.  Autumn is here babes.  Oh the beauty it relays in everything this season can represent.  Whatever transition might be brewing within your gorgeous heart, let it happen.  Be thankful for what the past has shared, and give the present a moment of appreciation for what your future season will bring with it.

I know that I certainly can't help but feel so much in what the upcoming season means personally for me.  And while I might not know exactly how all the layers that are shedding will fall, I do TRUST that where they land is exactly the place where my future is intended to travel.  To a new season babes.  To a beautiful transition.  May you embrace the layers shed, and the let your journey fall into a place that is natural and true.  xo~renée

Image by  Renée Lara Style

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