ordinary love. everyday.

IMG_7077 it's no surprise that celebrating anything beautiful is one of my absolute favorite things.  and really, what is more beautiful than the simplicity of loving another.  with all a heart can love.  in the most purest fashion.  forever understanding of their imperfections, while embracing their humanity secretly is the BEST part of genuine love.

valentine's day is staring us right in the face this week.  and while celebrating your sweetheart is the center of this day, i am reminded more so of the love that happens everyday.  you know, the ordinary stuff when no one is looking.  the things that cost nothing more than a simple glance, or an act of selfless admiration and love.

happy valentine's week babes.  love another, in the most ordinary way. everyday. xo~renée

Image by Renée Lara Style

Post inspired by a little act of love from my guy, Rodrigo.