new york. living art.

IMG_6127 new york is living art. there is an undeniable synergy the city possesses.  between the people, architecture, and natural energy that swarms the streets of endless possibilities and pursuits, you can't help but feel it's buzz . while spending a spontaneous quick few hours last friday in the city, a flood of much needed fresh inspiration entered my little soul. i am once again reminded how just a quick train ride from one city to another can expand your palate and stretch your creative drive.

no matter where you live, travel, or dream...don't forget to open your eyes. stretch your heart. open your mind.  there are endless possibilities of inspiration that can influence not only how you see the beautiful world you live in. but how your see yourself, and the beauty you retain within.

be inspired today. inspire others. it's like breathing life into an ordinary day, and making it simply extraordinary.

xo~ renée

image by| Renée Lara Style