If there was ever a message I could give my clients after working with them, is how WORTHY they are of feeling their best self.  From Editing her wardrobe, to letting go of the pieces that can be better served for those who are without, to all the work I do.  Our wardrobe is our way of communicating how we are feeling TODAY.   It's an avenue to giving back to our community.  A way of living by the decisions we make in what we wear, and how we share our true authentic selves every day.

Whether it's Editing your Wardrobe,  Styling you for that meaningful  event / capture, or guiding you to shop for the pieces that truly reflect where you are today... My time and commitment with you is that you always leave me feeling a little lighter, inspired, more YOU.

So grateful for the clients I have, and the ones I am graced to meet in my work.  Wardrobe Styling for me, is an art.   I love connecting humanity to a feeling of joy simply by giving her the confidence to evolve, grow, and become the woman she strives to be with each new day.

I look forward to working with you, and showcasing your true authentic self through style w/ love.  x.o. R

Image by |   Lisa Hartz Photography w/ Jana Lee Lifestyle