Mother. Wife. Stylist.

Been thinking about my role in this life for others a lot lately.  Why?...  Because we are surrounded  by, and living in a culture / world that has so much uncertainty.   How we channel our energy and our time is so important.  Not only in the lives for others, but for ourselves.  Where are your priorities today?  Where are you placing them in relationship to the people who mean the most to you daily, and those you serve in the work you do?  Whatever your role is, remember my loves... there is no relationship greater than the one with yourself.  The person you wake up to every morning first is YOU.  How are you nourishing your spirit so you can show up in the roles you play with a full heart?  With a healthy mind?  With the best intentions?

Everyday is a new start to accomplishing the goals and person you hope to be.  Start today.  Start now.  Commit to the life you want to lead.  For others yes!  But for yourself even more.  You are worth it!

x.o. R