Making the first move. Making it your purpose.

When do we make THE move?  The very first move?  The one we have been thinking about.  The one that keeps us up at night.  We dream about it.  We toss and turn over it.  It's the MOVE where we see all our ambitious ideas come to life.  WHEN do we do it?

i have come to realize in my life that there really isn't any right time for anything.  When to fall in love.  When to take that job.  When to leave a lover.  When to close a chapter.   When to open another.  When to just give in, while never giving up.  When to fight for something.  When to surrender with humility and trust.

There is no right time babes.  However, there is this... NEVER a wrong time to simply follow your heart.

So just LISTEN to her.   She's your compass.   And even if it's not gonna be the easiest decision to make, it's probably gonna be the right one.  Because really, nothing comes easy to those take risks.  To those who challenge the questionable.  Follow the path that is the voice inside your heart.  Because darling, it won't stop talking until you do.  There's a reason it won't.  It's YOUR PURPOSE.

I have made many first moves.   Literally.   From where I have traveled, to where i have lived.  In how i met and fell in love with my guy, and the two little men we created.  By taking several risks in career.  And then deciding to challenge myself further.  Making a move is far greater than staying put.  That is where the real growth and opportunity flourish.  Trust me on this one.

I'm back in Portland, OR.  And i have so many amazing experiences to look forward t0.   There is this palpable energy to my city.  And i am grateful to be back as a spectator, as well as a participant.  Returning to my passions.  Celebrating it's purpose.  And making a difference in every individual's life i am graced to work and collaborate with.

So make your passion your purpose babes.  Share your gift.  Make that first move by following your heart full speed.

You will never look back.  i promise.  x.o.~renee,  Stylist and friend.

Image by |  Tamara Young of Consign Couture

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