Hello April.

IMG_8241 Looking forward is always key.  There's no denying it.  April's horizon has me filled with hope and joy.  Trust your gut.  When something feels right, it's right.  When hope is present, there's a new chapter to be had.  Happy April babes.  Embrace the small stuff.  Celebrate it even more.  And above all... KEEP GOING!!

Oh, and P.S...The amazing necklace I am wearing is by Luna Mena.  Not only am I a huge fan of her aesthetic and design, but also her art and practice for empowering the local talent and scene that are her women.  When you give back, you receive grace and an abundance of love.  ALWAYS.

Live it up babes.  Give back by loving more.  To all those who come within your reach.  Everyday.  xo~renée.

Image by Jenny Ham Studio

Wearing: Luna Mena