happy place. YOU.

renee (1 of 1)-16 hey babes.  it's been a rough week personally.  lots of real-life stuff.  like the personal close to your heart kind of feelings.  no need to get into the nitty-gritty of it, but it pulled me in all sorts of directions this past week.  away from the day-to-day distractions of life.  making it absolutely clear where my focus needed to be.  THEM.  my core of this life.  my family.  and when i felt down and out.  drained to the core.  feeling like i couldn't really peel myself off the train tracks of the reality of the NOW, i knew i needed to just GET AT IT full speed.  you know what i mean?   definitely more simply said than done.  and it's in those moments that i realize the root of what makes up my 'HAPPY PLACE'.  which really is without a doubt, THEM.  my boys.  my guy.

HOWEVER,  my 'HAPPY PLACE' is also is all about those little details in my life that remind me of what makes my heart rock the boat.  gets me jumping.  reminds me of who i am intended to be for OTHERS.  it's the feelings of the past.  the senses of the now.  the colors that surround my everyday portrait that is this life.  just a reminder ladies, gentleman.  when you feel like you just don't have it in you to keep that burning flame inside you going, IGNORE it.  it's just life saying to slow down.  take a breath.  then perhaps take a peak at your surroundings.  whether it's your people,  your places, or the tangible things that you can actually grasp and feel oh so good about.  that right there is YOUR happy place babes.  CLAIM IT.  own it.  LOVE IT.

never underestimate it's value.  for it's value equals your happiness.  your salvation.  your ultimate key to the success of YOU.  xo~ renée

Image by Jenny Ham Photography

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