2019 has already been on the fast track to some pretty influential doors opening in my life.  And because of that, there is this amazing energy happening all around.  Every New Year, I set an intention over a resolution.  I'm learning how BEAUTIFUL growing pains can truly be.  How rich if feels to look back.  We're told not to look back, but to keep our eye on the prize.  To live in the moment.  This year, I wanted to really take a step back into my past.   I challenged myself to see where I have succeeded, rather than failed.  The progress I HAVE made.  Not just in the past year, but from the time I began this journey to sharing my mission of bridging Style &  Fashion to Well-being.  All of a sudden I see my path TRULY connecting.  ( More on that coming up in the New Year. )

My word for 2019 is 'DISCIPLINE'.  In all areas of my life.  The energy and time I put into my work so that I best serve you.  In how I show up everyday for my two boys, my husband, MYSELF.  Discipline is work, yes.  With consistent work comes FREEDOM.  How are you applying discipline into your New Year loves?  What habits do you hope to reshape?  How confident are you in the person you are becoming today?  Do you practice love not only for all those you are trying to raise up, but yourself as well?  What area of your life could use a little discipline?

I can promise you this year I will be showing up FIRST for the things that matter.  In doing so, my work in 2019 will only bring absolute inspiration and breath into your everyday.  There is nothing I want more than to give you tools to feel as beautiful and amazing as you already are through WARDROBE.  To celebrate who you are, and the gifts you can offer simply by accepting the possibilities waiting within you.  Wouldn't it be amazing if we could all just let go of the things that tell us we aren't good enough?  Find discipline there too my loves.  GET RID of those ideas.  Don't give them oxygen.

This is your year to truly shine!  Let's get this party started, and in motion all year long.  Need a little pep talk when it comes to how you walk into your closet, or how you show up in your life daily?

You know where to find me!  I'll be here for you, every step of the way.   Always.  x.o. R

Image By |  @Fleurishing