Create. Humble. Beauty. Style.

renee (1 of 1)-9 hey babes.  back at it this week.  and as a busy few days approach, i wanted to share with you a little reminder about why i do this thing called 'wardrobe styling'.  in walking through your door and into your life,  i hope not only to transform your wardrobe's potential but more importantly, your outlook on what defines how you see YOU.  personal styling is just that.  PERSONAL.  while assembling the piece to perfect your look or clear out the clutter that is distracting you from seeing the absolute best version of your personal style, i feel JOY.  with the humble use of my hands...i am here for YOU.  to make you see that it really isn't about the piece that is draping on you that makes you amazing.  it's the beautiful woman staring right back at you in the mirror.  and that, my friends is the real victory in styling you.

that moment when you see how beautiful you are - when i saw it all along.

connect with me. let's clear out the clutter and unveil the most beautiful version of YOU.  xo~renée

Image by Jenny Ham Photography