all the textures. all the feels.

tumblr_nyhelg5uL71t1cy7no1_1280 from the time i can remember, i have been obsessed with senses. in everyday living. and even more so in how things feel to the touch. texture of clothing. texture of the earth.  soft. hard. edgy. smooth. imperfect. just beautiful.

clothing is wearable art. and when the composition pulls you in to explore it's genetic map while your fingers slide over it's terrain,'s fashion poetry. how lucky we are to be able to drape such beautiful feelings on our skin and share in the delight of it's splendor with those whom we encounter/embrace in our every day.

happy day to you babes. enjoy the senses that surround you this week. take it all in. one touch at a time.  #reneelarastyle

image by| intermix online