I couldn’t WAIT for July to come. Because I knew, it was my turn and time to slow down. I built in time this month to travel, be with family, nurture my own creativity and drive so that my purpose in my work continues to stay focused in my service for you. What really drives me to slow down, are these incredible humans right here. My children. My boys. Motherhood is an incredibly tricky thing to navigate. Throw in the curveballs of life, health, and the expectations thrown on us as women in our culture to perform and go….it’s no wonder overwhelm comes creeping in. Let alone the guilt of ‘not being enough’. This is a cue to all you women out there. Everyday Amazing Women who are just striving to be the best version of yourself in this lifetime. You are doing the best you can. One day at a time. So allow yourself some time to breathe. Exhale if you will. I am working on this daily, and am committed with all my heart this month to do the same. Self-love allows for us to share our hearts deeper with those we serve in our work, and those we cherish and who mean the most to us in our everyday living. Slow Down a bit for Summer my loves. Even if that means taking a little extra time to stretch when you wake. Appreciate the little details that make up your life and your surrounding space. Where you are NOW, is exactly where you are meant to be. Even if that now feels a little sticky and uneasy. It’s getting you to bigger and more beautiful things ahead. Believe that! I cherish and love you my dear ones. I’m here for you always. In Wardrobe & Wellness. x.o. R

Renée LaraComment