Let’s have a conversation about Wardobe + Wellness. What does that exactly look like? Why is it SO important in my approach in working with you, my beloved client? I’ve been experimenting with a few habit changes in my life lately, and it confirms how incredible those small shifts can significantly impact not only how i felt, but how i wanted to wake up each more, start my day, and get dressed. Its the absolute core of where my mission started when first becoming a Wardrobe Stylist back in 2004. It continues to stream through my every decision i make in my business. Holistic Styling stems from the exterior, then dives deeper. It’s a way for us to transform from the outside inward, and inward back to our exterior being. It’s a beautiful dance of self-care in rotation. Or at least, that my philosophy. Make choices that serve your life in a way that allows you to vibrate and glow. Feed your mind, body, and soul with things that honor your whole SELF. Reach for people, products, and services that bring change, healing, and growth. Whatever that looks like for you. Your wardrobe can bring you so much clarity and joy after we work together. It also naturally becomes THE catapult for a deeper desire to know and love your mind, body, and being at a deeper level it’s been craving for some time. Listen to that inner-voice.

Choose you this Season my loves. Be open to your desires. Meet them half way. You’ll then be well on your way to continual growth and freedom. In Wardrobe and Wellness. I’m cheering you on. Always. x.o. R

Renée LaraComment