‘She Silently stepped out of the race that she never wanted to be in, found her own lane and proceeded to win.’ Thoughtfully Magazine Worked with a client yesterday, to begin her year-long journey toward new ways of thinking when it came to HOW her wardrobe could ultimately elevate her way of living. As we began to slowly peel the layers of clothes that were shoved into your closet, the process of understanding how her wardrobe has been holding her back became more clear. Her mindset slowly began to shift in a new direction. One that felt deserving and worthy. So many of us get stuck in one lane. One that leaves us feeling pretty lowsy about ourselves. We continue to massage the idea that we are incapable of being anything or anyone other than what we are today. That how we dress doesn’t matter in connection to how we feel about ourselves. It does! I promise you. Others of us try to cruise the same lane that we see others on. Because, it’s easy to just fit in rather than dive deeper to truly understand our connection to ourselves and our authenticity.

Wardrobe Styling with me less about the clothing, and more about YOU. The process of identifying this incredible connection between Wardrobe, Wellness, and designing a life that feels truly alive. We are striving to be better versions of ourselves. Maybe some days are better than others. As long as we stay true to the lane that is facing us in the mirror. The one that says, ‘This is me, and I want to celebrate her’ , we then become more in alignment with our core values and beliefs.

Want to begin your journey toward personal style clarity? Let’s get you started. Learn more about my year-long coaching and styling offerings below. You are worthy of discovering and traveling down a lane that feels authentic and powerful to you. x.o. R

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